Now set instructions for automatically transferring funds to your IndusInd Bank account. Enjoy high interest rates and much more.

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What is E-Mandate

E-Mandate is a new payment services that allows anyone with a bank account to easily automate recurring payments. The payment service is powered and regulated by NPCI. The service is paperless and secure, all your funds will get automatically credited to your IndusInd Bank account.

Why should I set-up an E-Mandate

E-mandate will help you regularly maintain balance in your IndusInd Bank accounts and enjoy many benefits that come-along 

• High interest rates on FD / RD and Savings account

• Investment in Mutual Funds straight from your bank account

• Access to IndusMobile – 100+ features and exciting rewards

• Eligibility for pre-approved loans and cards

How do I cancel an E-Mandate

Cancelling an E-mandate is easy, you just need to visit any IndusInd Branch and submit a signed form