Why choose us

Walk down the red carpet and venture forth into a new world – a world that only opens its doors to the select few who are destined to make history. For you have reached the pinnacle of success and now stand uniquely poised to make your mark on history and create a difference to the world around you..

Welcome to PIONEER Private, a bespoke suite of banking and wealth management offerings, expertly crafted to cater to your exacting needs and nurtured by delicate brushstrokes of tailored attention. 

Backed by IndusInd Bank’s rich legacy of unparalleled financial acumen and unrelenting commitment to excellence, PIONEER Private is the epitome of fiscal stewardship, elevating private banking from mere wealth management to an art form. Step into our hallowed halls and witness your aspirations find a sanctuary and your ambition find its magnum opus.

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Our Banking Suite

Team of Experts at Your Service

Personalized Solutions Curated for You

Wealth Management

We understand that your financial journey is as unique as your fingerprint. Therefore, we spare no effort to comprehend your aspirations, offer curated strategies basis your needs and remain by your side, as you move from one milestone to the next.

We aim not just to preserve your wealth but to nurture and amplify it strategically. Our experts collaborate closely with you to craft a legacy blueprint that aligns with your vision to perpetuate your values, and your prosperity, across generations.

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Legacy Planning

At PIONEER Private, the orchestration of legacy preservation unfolds with unmatched finesse. Through our partners, we offer a suite of services thoughtfully designed to structure, manage, and execute your will, as well as perpetuate the illustrious heritage of your family enterprise.

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